Production Department

The Production division at Englander Ltd. has three departments:

● Stamping department

●  Deburring department

●  Assembly department



The stamping department has automatic production lines with capabilities in the range of 5 ton to 400 ton. The size of the tools reaches 1,500 x 2,500 mm.
All production lines are equipped with automatic feeders, de-coilers and straighteners.
All dies are progressive dies. Presses are equipped with advanced quality control systems.
The production department is in charge of executing prototypes and models during the development stage at a quick response time with the engineering department.


The Deburring department at Englander is one of the most advanced of its kind in the world and operates under the most demanding standards of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The department operates automatically in a closed-circuit, and is designed to provide the process in a controlled manner.
The department is equipped with vibrators, a drying tunnel and a modern recycling and purification system.


This department performs riveting, tapping, robotic assembly, spot welding, projection welding, robotic welding, MIG and TIG welding of a variety kind of sub-assemblies.
Completing range of required process such as: hardening, coating, painting, and brazing.